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HISTORY at Home offers teachers, parents and students a chance to learn about history independently. This collection of HISTORY’s educational shows, being made available for a limited time, offers information and insight into middle school and high school core curriculum topics. We have curated these shows around key themes and paired them with study guides and related content so you can easily watch, read and discuss history’s most important moments.

Defining Moments in American History

In this collection of episodes from several HISTORY series and specials, learn about some of the biggest turning points and eras of change in American history.

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How the States Got Their Shapes

This classic 29-episode HISTORY series tells the story of the evolution of many of the United States, border by border. See if you can find the story of your state!

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The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents

Learn how leadership during times of great challenge has both propelled—and sometimes set back—the United States with these eight episodes of the 'The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents' and the two-part special 'Presidents at War.'

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HISTORY Vault: One Month Free Trial

As social distancing and virtual classrooms become a necessity, we're committed to educational entertainment.

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The Ancient World

Discover how ancient peoples made tremendous discoveries, laying the foundation for civilizations for centuries to come with full episodes of 'Engineering an Empire.'

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Science, Technology and Space

Watch this collection of full episodes taken from popular HISTORY series and specials that cover natural phenomenon, breakthrough discoveries and technological achievements.

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Industrialists and the Gilded Age

Watch the entire classic HISTORY docuseries 'The Men Who Built America' to learn how captains of industry changed our nation.

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World War II

Learn about the conflict that defined the 20th century and view the war firsthand with full episodes of 'World War II in HD,' plus other selected HISTORY specials.

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Black History

Watch a collection of HISTORY specials that highlight some of the pivotal moments in American black history.

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People Who Changed the World

Watch full biographies of inspiring women and men who made the world a better, richer place.

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